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Top Places Bed Bugs Hide

Some household pests don’t care if you can see them. They’re not worried about it. Bedbugs are different because they’re intelligent. They’ll do their best to hide from humans until they lay down and go to sleep at night. Bedbugs can hide throughout your home, and you likely won’t see them until the infestation has exploded. Most bedbugs are less than a quarter of an inch, so they’re not easy to see. Where do they hide in your home?

Places Bedbugs Hide In Homes

Mattresses & Box Springs

Again, bedbugs are smart. Besides hiding in your home, they’ll also try to stay as close as possible to their food source. As a result, these bugs will hide in your mattress and box springs. When you sleep at night, your body is going to release CO2 and heat. Bedbugs are attracted to these things. When your body is releasing heat and CO2, bedbugs know you’re there, so they’ll come out to feed.

Bed Frame Crevices

Bedbugs are brown, so they tend to blend in well with many bed frames. They’re going to use this to their benefit. They can hide in the cracks, crevices, and corners of the bed frame.


If you’re searching your home for bedbugs, you’ll need to carefully check your bedclothes. Besides your box springs and mattress, you’ll also need your bed sheet, quilt, comforter, and pillowcases. Depending on the color of the sheets, you’ll likely be able to see bedbugs on your bedclothes easier.


Many bedrooms in Dallas have carpeting. It is comfortable and warm allowing you to stretch out on the floor and watch television. The only issue is that bedbugs can hide in your carpets and rugs. They’re small enough to sink deep into the carpet’s fibers. You’ll need to spread the rug’s fibers to determine whether bedbugs are hiding there.

Couches, Sofas, & Other Furniture

Finally, you’ll want to look at the other furniture in your home. If you have furniture in your bedroom, start there. Either way, furniture offers many suitable hiding places for these pests. With a couch, the bedbugs will be able to hide between the folds, holes, and pillows. You’ll also need to flip the furniture over to check beneath it.

Where Else Could Bedbugs Hide?

Above, you learned about some of the most common places for bedbugs to hide in your home. However, they can hide elsewhere too.

Suitcases & Luggage

When traveling, you’re likely going to store your items in a suitcase or luggage. The luggage makes it easier to carry your clothes from one location to another. However, there is a chance that bedbugs are going to use your luggage too. When you take your luggage into a motel room, bedbugs might climb in it. When you get back home, the bedbugs may stay in your luggage and come out to eat at night.

Paintings, Pictures, & Wall Decorations

You’ll need to carefully examine your wall decorations because bedbugs could be hiding in them. Paintings and pictures have frames with cracks and gaps. Bedbugs can climb into these gaps and stay there. Flip the paintings over to see if bedbugs are hiding in the frames.

Your Books

You likely read a book before you go to sleep at night. If so, you might place the book on your nightstand. Well, bedbugs can use those books to hide. They’ll hide in the gap near the spine.

Bedroom Furniture – Nightstands

You may have a nightstand, bookshelf, or other furniture in your bedroom. If so, you’ll need to check these items. Bedbugs can climb into drawers and hide there. They’ll also hide in the corners of the furniture.

Computers, Tablets, & Other Electronics

Although it sounds odd, bedbugs can hide in your electronics devices. Most tablets and computers have small holes for ventilation purposes. Bedbugs will slip through these holes and hide in the device because it is warm. Finally, you may decide to store items under your bed. Doing so can help manage your space, but it could give bedbugs another place to hide. Prevent them from hiding in those boxes by using secure boxes. Make sure that they’re completely sealed so bedbugs cannot get inside. If you’re worried that bedbugs are in your home, contact us. We’ll reach your home and go to work getting rid of them as quickly as possible.

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