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If you have to choose a household pest, you wouldn’t want to choose bedbugs. All pests are bad but bedbugs tend to be more difficult to eliminate. It doesn’t help that they’ll bite you and suck your blood. Nevertheless, there are effective tools that can be used to gain the upper hand against bedbugs.

When you decide to fight back, call us because we’ll be here to help. Our extermination firm offers several bedbug removal services, but we often recommend heat. We prefer it and our clients like it too. What sets heat apart from the alternative bedbug treatments?

How We Can Eliminate Bedbugs Using Heat

Although it may seem complex and confusing, the bedbug heat treatment is simple. As the name suggests, our exterminators can eliminate bedbug by exposing them to hot temperatures. Using your HVAC system won’t work because your heating and air conditioning system cannot reach the necessary temperatures. Instead, you’ll want to call us and allow us to heat your home using our innovative heat machines.

Our exterminator will visit your home before using the heat machine to rapidly increase the home’s temperature. By harnessing the power of heat, the bedbugs have a slim chance of surviving. The heat will penetrate every gap and crevice no matter how big or small. More important, it can kill all stages of bedbug life, including adult bedbugs, nymphs, baby bedbugs, and bedbug eggs.

The exterminator will follow the precise protocol of raising your home’s temperature to 140-degrees or higher. Then, they’ll monitor the temperature to make sure it remains this hot for several hours. When done correctly, bedbug heat treatments will wipe out the entire bedbug population in a matter of hours. The only risk is that bedbugs may find a way to escape the home and survive.

More Effective Than Other Bedbug Treatments

Our professionals agree that heat is the most reliable way to wipe out a bedbug colony. It isn’t perfect, but we can take specific steps to increase the effectiveness of our heat treatments. We’ll block any potential exit points to guarantee that the bedbugs will be trapped in your home. If they cannot escape the heat, they will die.

Once we’ve secured your home, the temperatures will be increased to 140-degree rapidly. The bedbugs won’t be able to escape so they’ll be eradicated and your home will be bug-free once again.

A Precise Procedure

Although the heat treatment process is simple, it needs to be carried out precisely. If the exterminator messes up along the way, it won’t be effective. For instance, we need to make sure that your home reaches 140-degrees or higher. We need to maintain these temperatures for two, three, or four hours. Picking us should put your mind at ease because our exterminator will keep a close eye on the temperature from start to finish.

If these temperatures do not remain over 140-degrees, the treatment will not be successful.

Do You Need To Leave Home?

Although our heat treatments are safe for everyone, we believe our clients should leave home. We want to keep you safe. To do that, we’re going to recommend that you stay out of the home until we let you know it is okay to return. We don’t want to expose you to extreme temperatures. Furthermore, we believe it is best to give the exterminator room to work.

We’ll ask you to leave and stay out of the home for several hours while the exterminator takes care of the issue for you. It normally takes three to four hours to get rid of the bedbugs. Before we call, we’ll clean up the mess so you can’t tell we were in your home.

Are you interested in learning more about our bedbug heat treatments? Contact us to learn more about the process we follow to eliminate bedbugs with heat. Well be happy to answer any questions you may have, and we’ll do our best to put your mind at ease. Remember that we serve all individuals living in your city and nearby cities.

Our company has exterminators stationed across the city so we can reach and fix your home swiftly. Call our local office to schedule an appointment with our licensed exterminators.

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