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What Dallas Consumers Need To Know About Beetle Infestations!

The beetle insect species belong to the Coleoptera order and Endopterygota superorder. The beetle has unique characteristics that are utilized for identification purposes. The most distinguishable characteristic is how the front legs are situated in the wing cases. The rear wings are similar to other insect species.

Each beetle species has unique coloration, ranging from solid black to copper to reddish/brown to multi-colored black and copper or brown. Scientists have identified approximately 400,000 species of Coleoptera.

The most commonly reported species in Texas include the longhorn, ground, and powder post beetles.

Why Are Beetles Invading My Dallas Home?

Beetles are attracted to decaying wooden structures like tree stumps, firewood piles, lumber, fences, gates, decks, and porches, They are also attracted to bright lighting after dark. Beetles are overwintering pests, which means they hibernate throughout the winter season, surviving on stored fat and nutrients. If your home has an access point, it will become a beetle target.

Do Beetles Spread Diseases And Parasites?

Beetles do not transmit diseases to humans or animals. However, the insect species has been connected to foodborne illnesses associated with contaminated food. The beetles are a member of the pantry pest species, an insect that invades homes to access stored food in vulnerable packages.

Beetles travel through contaminated materials, eating along the way, picking up contaminates, which are later deposited on food products. A human will end up consuming the contaminated food, resulting in a foodborne illness. The same thing also happens when humans consume food contaminated with toxic beetle feces.

What Is The Best Pest Control Strategy For Beetle Infestations?

We stand behind our professional pest control, which utilizes professional-grade pesticides and eco-friendly techniques to eradicate beetles on contact. We will work with you to create a customized pest control solution that is guaranteed to deliver 100 percent effectiveness.

Does DIY Pest Control Work For beetle Infestations?

DIY pest control has shown some promise against mild to moderate infestations. We recommend professional pesticides and treatments like thermal heat, cryonite, and steam to eradicate pest infestations. For beetle infestations, we recommend a professional-grade pesticide and traps.

Beetle infestations are complex because they involve colonies. They travel and live in colonies that split off to invade homes for foraging food. With satellite and main colonies to be concerned about, there is no way DIY pest control products will put a dent in the combined population of beetles.

When Will The Exterminator Arrive At My Home For The Beetle Inspection?

We can dispatch a licensed exterminator out to your home within 24 and 48 hours of the initial request. If you believe your beetle problem is an emergency, do not hesitate to request our same-day or emergency pest control services. We are here to serve Dallas communities when they are facing the toughest pest infestations.

How Much Does Professional Beetle Pest Management Cost?

There are several factors that impact the price of our professional pest control services. These factors include the severity of the pest infestations, location, pest control product or method, and the service type, such as same-day, appointment-only, or emergency.

We will work with you to develop a customized pest control strategy that will meet or exceed your needs and preferences without breaking the back. Be sure to request information about our customized pest management packages for beetle infestations.

If you are concerned about price, please take advantage of our free pest control quote or estimate. These services are provided by appointment only. Schedule your free quote today.

What Is The Best Beetle Infestation Prevention Strategy?

Our pest control includes routine in-home inspections, customized treatment when necessary, and prevention. We combine these services into a single pest control strategy to keep our prices competitive with our top Dallas competitors.

We will also work with you and your family to create doable food storage and disposal system that will eliminate any risk of food contamination by beetles. It is also important to seal off all potential access points to keep beetles from entering your home in the fall season.

Beetle infestations are complex because they involve a large colony and a satellite colony inside the home. The only way to prevent these infestations is to seal off all exterior-to-interior access points into your home or business.

If you have any other pest control issues please check out other services.

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