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What Dallas Property Owners Need To Know About Flea Infestations?

Flea infestations are commonly reported in Dallas. Contrary to belief, pet-occupied homes are not the insect’s only target. In fact, the reports include both pet-occupied and pet-free homes. Fortunately, there are prevention methods that have proven to be effective. But, before you understand how these methods work, you need to know there is a potential risk. Regardless of the residential community or neighborhood, your home is under a flea threat year-round in Dallas. Unlike some states, Texas has a flea problem 365 days a year, thanks to continental steppe and modified marine climates.

Not all Texas cities are under a year-long flea threat like Dallas. It is crucial to be prepared by knowing the risk and your pest control options.

What Is The Most Commonly Reported Flea Species In Texas?

The most commonly reported flea species in the State of Texas is the cat flea. Do not be fooled by the species classification because felines are not the cat fleas’ only victims. The cat flea has reported victimized a variety of mammal species, including canines, opossums, skunks, deer, and foxes.

Fleas have amazing jumping abilities. The flea has been reported to jump up to 13 inches horizontally and 7 inches vertically. Fleas utilize their jump ability to find new hosts. The flea jumps and clings onto its victims’ hair follicles, clothes, shoes, and accessories, traveling from one place to another. If you or your bet is victimized by the cat flea or other flea species, you are guaranteed to be dealing with an infestation in the near future. The flea continuously reproduces as long as blood meals are accessible.

What Are The Characteristics Of A Flea Bite?

The flea bite begins as a tiny red spot no bigger than the tip of a pencil. Depending on the individual’s immunity, the red spot can become edematous and a pustule will form. This is what the Dallas medical community refers to as “flea allergy dermatitis.” Severe flea infestations pose more allergic reaction risks than mild infestations. When more fleas are involved, it only makes sense they will target the same victim as food becomes scarce.

What Is The Best Flea Infestation Strategy?

We believe our professional pest control is the best approach to flea prevention. However, flea prevention is a united effort that requires all community members to be on board. Regardless, every property owner must be involved in the process. When only a few members of the community are involved, the ones that opted out will become the flea’s main target. If an infestation develops on one of these properties, it will probably spread throughout the entire community.

To help jumpstart your flea prevention research, we have provided a list of tips in the content below.

  • Only adopt a pet when you are ready to take on the full responsibility of its care, feeding, and routine vet visits
  • Routinely treat pets with anti-flea and anti-tick medicine
  • Routine lawn maintenance with debris disposal. To minimize ground level humidity, keep grass lower than three inches in height
  • Install “do not feed the wildlife” signs up around the perimeter of your property
  • Install barriers around low porches, decks, and other structure to keep wildlife out
  • Develop a cleaning schedule for your pet’s bedding and living quarters
  • Routine inspections of pet bedding, looking for signs of a flea infestation. The most common sign of a flea-infested pet area is “flea dirt,” a byproduct of flea feces
  • Routinely vacuum the entire home from top to bottom, picking up any potential flea larvae and eggs to slow the infestation process

No one flea prevention is 100 percent effective unless everyone is on board. It is crucial to continuously monitor your flea prevention progress. And, whenever necessary, make adjustments to ensure the maximum results.

Be sure to reach out to our Dallas-based extermination company to learn more about our flea pest control strategies. Whether you are dealing with a full-blown flea infestation or just trying to keep your pests, family, and home flea-free.

We offer free pest control inspections, quotes, estimates, and consultations per appointment only. If you have concerns about fleas in your community, do not delay action. We can schedule you for our free in-home inspection within 24 to 48 hours of the initial request.

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