What Dallas Residents Need To Know About The Small Ant Species!

The small ant species is a replica of the much larger carpenter ant, ghost ant, and Argentine ant species. The major difference between the two ant species is size. The carpenter ant grows up to about 0.5 inches while the small ant does not even reach half this size. Fortunately, the ant is still visible to the naked eye. In fact, small ants are spotted traveling in groups on their way to forage for food, erect tunnels and nests, and other important duties.

Scientists have successfully identified more than 12,000 ant species utilizing unique physical characteristics. Size and coloration are the two physical characteristics utilized for identifying purposes. All ant species have segmented bodies held together by joints, two antennas, and three sets of legs.

Why Has My Home Been Invaded By Small Ants?

Small ants are opportunist insects. They take advantage of every opportunity to score food for their queen and young. If vulnerabilities are discovered within your home’s structure, the ants will find them. Small ant infiltration is very common in Dallas. Sightings have been reported in houses, commercial buildings, government entities, and public facilities. So, no home or business is 100 percent safe from these insects.

Ants access buildings through access points around doors, windows, plumbing pipes, and electrical wiring.

Do Ants Carry Diseases?

No, ants do not transmit diseases or parasites to humans or animals. However, the species has been associated with foodborne illnesses. Ants travel through and ingest contaminated materials and substances that are tracked back to food sources, that are eventually ingested by humans, resulting in a foodborne illness.

To avoid any risk of food contamination, we highly suggest a full-overhaul of your food storage system. Store processed food in glass and hard plastic containers with lids to prevent contamination.

What Is The Most Effect Pest Management Strategy For Ant Infestations?

Professional pest control is highly recommended in these cases. Ant infestations are extremely complex because they involve an extensive underground tunneling system, a satellite colony, and the main colony, which may have a capacity of 10,000 or more.

In order for a pest control strategy to work, it must target the ant population. It is crucial to minimize the population outside before targeting the satellite group inside your home. Our professional pest control does all of this and more.

When Will The Exterminator Perform The Pest Inspection?

The exterminator will be dispatched to your home within 24 and 48 hours of the initial pest inspection request. If you believe your pest problem is an emergency, please feel free to relay this information to the representative while you are on the phone. We offer both same-day and emergency pest control services.

Does Ant Insecticides Contain Harmful Ingredients?

Some pesticide formulas do contain chemicals that pose environmental risks. However, with EPA guidelines and manufacturer’s recommendations, exterminators in Dallas and beyond can minimize these risks. We maintain safe storage and transportation for all of our pest control products. We also train and retrain our exterminators and technicians on the proper handling and treatment methods. We continuously stay up-to-date with EPA pesticide guidelines to ensure our policies are updated at all times.

We only work with pesticide manufacturers that have gone through the proper channels to seek EPA approval. EPA-approved pesticides are safe to ask long as they are stored, administered, transported, and handled properly.

Is It Possible To Prevent A Repeat Ant Infestation?

Yes, with a solid food storage and disposal system and pest management strategy, Dallas property owners can deter future ant infestations. However, only when your property is deemed “pest-free” by a licensed exterminator will these strategies work. We highly recommend a full in-home inspection by a pest control expert to ensure the impacted property is no longer under an ant attack.

Ant infestations are extremely complex, with extensive underground tunneling systems. Our goal is to target these systems to locate the nests, queen bee, and the young. We utilize cutting-edge technology and the latest EPA-approved pest control products to combat mild and severe ant infestations of all severity levels.

Please feel free to contact our local extermination office in the heart of Dallas. We have access to the latest pest control technologies guaranteed to deliver the maximum results in the shortest duration.

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