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Box Elder Bugs

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What Dallas Residents Need To Know About Our Box Elder Bug Pest Control!

The box elder bugboxelder bug” is classified as an “overwintering pest,” which means it invades buildings to avoid the harsh winter outdoors. During the overwintering process, the box elder bugs’ body functions slow down drastically, allowing the insect to survive on stored fats and nutrients. Overwintering is similar to hibernation, as the body slows, allowing it to survive on the bare essentials.

The most noticeable physical characteristic is the solid black wings outlined in bright red. The adult grows up to ½” in length. The diet consists of juices from the ash, box elder, cheery, and maple tree species.

Why Is My Dallas Home Infested With Box Elder Bugs?

It is fairly simple really. As mentioned previously, box elder bugs fall within the overwintering pest’s insect classification. Beginning in late fall, the insect attempts infiltration in houses, commercial buildings, public facilities, and even vehicles. If the attempt is successful, the insect will immediately begin searching for a suitable hiding place to hang out until winter comes to an end.

Overwintering pests are difficult to find once they enter their hiding place. They will hide in unused clothes, bed linen, behind framed décor, in paper boxes, and behind appliances. There is no place off-limits to the box elder bug in preparation for overwintering.

Do Box Elder Bugs Transmit Disease To Humans?

Box elder bugs do not carry diseases. At least there is no evidence to prove otherwise. However, box elder bugs may pose foodborne illness risk related to contaminated food. Since the insect is not known to eat after indoor infiltration, the risk of foodborne illness is extremely low. By the time infiltrates the building, it is ready to start preparing for the onset of overwintering.

What Is The Best Pest Control Approach To A Box Elder Bug Infestation?

Box elder bugs are social insects, which means they travel in colonies. The insects lucky enough to succeed in infiltration are accompanied by a large colony in the close vicinity outdoors. To eradicate an infestation, it is crucial to depopulate the species in and around your home. This can be successfully done with professional pest control products and treatments. We believe our pest management service, which includes pesticides, insecticides, traps, and various eco-friendly treatments can get the job done in a shorter duration compared to over-the-counter pest control products.

Professional pest control products are professional-grade compared to the standard-grade OTC pesticide. Meaning it will deliver the maximum extermination of these insects.

Will DIY Work For Box Elder Bug Infestations?

It could in the early phases of the infestation before the insects infiltrate your home. It is crucial to not delay action at this point. As soon as the insects begin to make their presence, it is time to start taking action. Utilizing pest control products from big-box stores may help depopulate, but there is no guarantee more insects will not join the colony later on.

Are Box Elder Bug Pest Control Pesticides Harmful To The Environment?

It really depends on the pesticide formula. Some formulas contain chemicals while others do not. We carry a broad range of pesticides, including organic, chemical-based, non-toxic, and eco-friendly. We give our clients the option of picking from our pesticide lineup. Our exterminators will help you with this very important decision because it may be the difference between a successful and unsatisfactory outcome.

What Can I Do To Prevent A Repeat Box Elder Bug Infestation?

The first step is to contact our local Dallas extermination company. We are conveniently located in the heart of Dallas, where we have quick access to the city districts and residential communities. Our goal is to provide a quick response to every pest control service request.

If you have any other pest control issues please check out other services.

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