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The Importance Of Identifying The Cockroach Species

Cockroaches cannot be allowed to roam around your home and eat your food. They’re one of the riskiest household pests because they’ll contaminate your food and make you ill. However, Dallas residents must understand that the risks depend on the cockroach species in the dwelling. Despite having 4,000 species in the world, a small group of species will enter and live in human habitats. Roughly five species are considered pests in Dallas and nearby cities.

As a result, you might’ve found a cockroach outside that likely won’t cause problems for you and your loved ones, but it could. You’ll have to focus on identifying the species before you can find out how severe the problem will be.

Common Dallas Cockroaches

Pinpoint the species so you’ll know how devastating the problem could be. In Dallas, our clients primarily encounter American and German cockroaches.

German Cockroach Species

Although German cockroaches aren’t the biggest, they’re one of the biggest problem makers. They’ll reach 5/8s of an inch and tend to be tan. They like living in human dwellings and can commonly be found under ovens, dishwashers, and refrigerators. Since they can breed prolifically, a small infestation will explode in a matter of weeks. Get rid of them quickly or you’ll have an uphill battle on your hands.

American Cockroach Species

American cockroaches are massive with some reaching two inches in length. When you see an American cockroach, your heart will drop and you’ll realize that you need to get rid of them quickly. These cockroaches can survive for many, many years, and it takes them a long time to infest a structure. They tend to target homes that have sewer issues. If you have a sewer pipe leak on your property, American cockroaches may take shelter on your property and in your home.

Although German and American cockroaches are most common, Dallas residents may encounter others. For instance, you could run into Brown-Banded cockroaches, Oriental cockroaches, Pennsylvania wood cockroaches, and others.

Pennsylvania Wood Cockroaches

Despite being from the same species, male and female Pennsylvania wood cockroaches look a lot different. Adults are larger than females and they have full wings. As you would expect, Pennsylvania wood cockroaches are native to the Eastern United States, but they may travel to Dallas and other Texas cities. They tend to stay outside where they’ll flock to wood piles, wood siding, and wood shingles. They’re also a sign that your rain gutters need to be cleaned.

Spotted Mediterranean Cockroaches

The spotted Mediterranean cockroach is small but big enough to see. They’re native to Europe and recently entered the United States. Once they’ve entered America, they quickly reproduced and spread across the country. Nevertheless, they don’t create too many issues since they usually do not enter residential dwellings. Even when they do, they won’t reproduce or live inside.

Oriental Cockroaches

Oriental roaches have a lot in common with American cockroaches since they like sticking around properties with sewer issues. A broken sewer pipe or faulty septic tank could lead to an oriental cockroach infestation. They’re commonly found in old buildings in downtown Dallas. They can tolerate cold weather well so they may stay around your garbage bins.

Smokeybrown Cockroaches

These reddish-brown cockroaches can grow up to an inch and a half. They are mostly found in the south. Dallas residents are likely going to run into Smokeybrown cockroaches. They don’t travel too far north, but you will find them in Dallas.

Surinam Cockroaches

Surinam cockroaches are all females. They do not need male cockroaches to reproduce. Instead, females internally maintain egg cases until the eggs are ready to hatch. Once the eggs are ready, the Surinam cockroach will give live birth to baby cockroaches. These small cockroaches rarely exceed three-quarters of an inch. They prefer warm climates so they can be found in Dallas.

Brown-Banded Cockroaches

Brown-banded cockroaches are a lot like German cockroaches, but they’re not identical. Although these cockroaches can enter some buildings, it doesn’t happen often. Brown-banded cockroaches are half an inch and have a brown spot below their dark head.

Reasons Cockroaches Invade Dallas Homes

Finding out why cockroaches might enter your Dallas home can help you prepare to keep them out. Many cockroaches enter homes because the tenants haven’t been cleaning the home properly. If you leave crumbs laying on the ground, cockroaches will find them and they’ll find a way to sneak into your home. As mentioned above, some species prefer sticking close to sewer pipes. If your property contains a busted sewer pipe, those species may decide to invade your property.

How Dangerous Are Cockroaches For Humans?

Cockroaches should be a nightmare for Dallas residents. Some pests can bite, spread diseases, and destroy your property. Cockroaches rank near the top because they’re more dangerous than other household pests. If you’re living with cockroaches in your home, the risks are immense. Cockroaches don’t bite or attack humans, but they will contaminate your food products. Cockroaches can carry several serious illnesses, including salmonella. If they climb into your food source and you eat it, there is a chance that you’ll get sick. Furthermore, people with asthma will experience inflamed symptoms due to a cockroach infestation.

Cockroaches are dangerous, so call us and get rid of them as soon as possible.

Ways To Eradicate Cockroaches At Home

Eliminating the cockroaches in your home will be an uphill battle. When using OTC products to eliminate cockroaches, you’ll have to treat each bug with the product in question. Cockroaches are fast and they can hide well, so you may not get all of them. If you don’t, the cockroach colony will recover, reproduce, and come back stronger. We want you to work with us because we have proven techniques for eliminating cockroaches. We use the latest products, tools, and techniques to eliminate cockroaches without delays. Since pesticides are required, we’ll use them precisely to keep you safe.

When Can You Get Rid Of My Cockroaches?

Contact our local pest control office to set up an appointment. We’ll reach out to the phone number you provided in 48 hours.

How Safe Are Your Cockroach Removal Services?

Our company can’t imagine using dangerous chemicals in our clients’ homes. We would never do this. We always try to use non-toxic products when eliminating cockroaches. We follow guidelines provided by the EPA and use EPA-registered products to guarantee long-term results. Our exterminators know how to use these products to eliminate cockroaches and keep the client safe.

How To Stop Cockroaches From Entering Your Home

Can you prevent cockroaches from breaking into your Dallas home? It might not be possible, but you should try. Immaculately clean your home to stop cockroaches from finding food in your home. Take trash bags out several times a day and make sure the trash is stored in secure bins. Block the cockroaches’ food sources, and you’ll force them to leave. When you find cockroaches around your property, remember we’re here to help.

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