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How To Make Bed Bugs Come Out Of Hiding?

Bed bugs are not nocturnal insects, but they do exhibit nocturnal behavior. Instead of being active during the daylight hours, the insects feed when their hosts are asleep at night. With this said, the bed bug can adjust to the host’s schedule. For example, a host who works the graveyard shift sleeps during the day, the bed bug will begin to sleep at night and feed during the daylight hours. This is unusual behavior for an insect species but this is how the bed bug survives in the human habitat. To maximum the pest control effort, the hiding places must be pinpointed in advance. When the exterminator knows where the bed bugs are hiding, it is possible to direct treatment in these areas. If you are unaware of the bed bug’s hiding places, treatment will be directed in non-impacted areas, resulting in major waste. Bed bugs infiltrate homes via access points, such as small cracks, crevices, and gaps between threshold and flooring. Once your home is infiltrated by bed bugs, it will become a risk for an infestation. At this stage, bed bugs are scattered throughout your home, hiding in furniture, carpet fibers, unused stuffed animals, and wardrobes. We recommend routine vacuuming to remove accessible eggs and larvae. This will help prevent the further spread of the infestation into pest-free areas.

How Our Exterminators Drive Bed Bugs Out Of Their Hiding Places?

We utilize several methods that have proved to be effective in drawing bed bugs to specific areas, where they can be snagged by glue traps. Other tips include the following:
  • Monitor suspicious areas, such as the host’s bed during the nighttime hours. Since you know the bed bug feeds at night, it is possible to stay awake and catch them in action. However, there are challenges with this bed bug removal process. The challenge comes with visual sighting because bed bugs are tiny, they are extremely difficult to detect with the naked eye.
  • Recenter your bed, so it away from walls. Place a CO2 bed bug glue trap between the wall and bed frame. CO2 bed bug traps emit heat and CO2, which bed bugs are drawn to. When the bed bugs reach the heat and CO2 mixture, it will be too late. The insects will become trapped in the glue.
  • Utilize a carpet steamer to draw bed bugs out of hiding. Steam over 100 degrees Fahrenheit is effective in drawing bed bugs out of their hiding places. If applied directly, some of the bed bugs will not survive, which is exactly what you are hoping to achieve with this process.
  • Place heaters in suspicious areas, directly the ceramic front toward what you believe are bed bug hiding places. Place glue traps around the heater to capture the bed bugs as they emerge out of their hiding places.
  • Adopt a storage cleaning system to fight against food contamination.

Other Methods Utilized To Draw Bed Bugs Out Of Hiding?

  • Bed bug detection devices are also recommended. Place the devices around your bed, along with glue traps. When the bed bugs emerge from their hiding places, they will fall into the traps.
Be sure to take advantage of our bed bug pest control and prevention strategies. We will work with you and your family to create a custom pest management strategy that is specific to your home. We understand nocturnal bed bug behavior makes detection nearly impossible. If you need help finding the bed bug hiding places in your home, we can help. With our bed bug sniffing-canines, it is possible to keep our communities safe from the bed bug.

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