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Mice Rats And Rodents

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Understanding The Rodents In Your Home

When rodents enter your home, you’ll agree that you need to remove them out of your house as quickly as possible. The only problem is that getting rid of rodents is not easy. They’re large and difficult to handle. Can you imagine picking up a mice corpse and throwing it away? In all likelihood, the answer is no. Don’t worry because we’re here to help you. Our company will assist in identifying and getting rid of the rodent. Since you live in Dallas, you’ll likely encounter one or two species of mice. For instance, you might encounter a house mouse.

These mice are multi-colored with large ears and eyes. When a house mouse takes shelter in your home, it will leave droppings everywhere. You can identify the droppings because they’re small, black, and have pointed ends. You’ll also want to consider the factors below.

Signs Of Rodents In Your Home

To confirm a rodent infestation, consider the following.

  • You will likely find rodent droppings in your home.
  • Check for nests. They are primarily made with household items, twigs, and grass.
  • Check for chew and scratch marks around your home. They can be found on baseboards and food containers.
  • Listen for rodents. You can hear them moving around at night.

Are You Looking At Mouse Droppings?

To confirm a mouse infestation, look at the droppings in your home. Mouse droppings aren’t hard to identify since they’re black and usually less than 6mm in length. Furthermore, they’re granular and look like rice. Although rodent droppings can be found throughout the home, you’ll want to check near the rodent’s nesting and breeding sites first.

Reasons Your House Is Infested With Mice

What would cause mice and rats to enter your home? Is it something you did or didn’t do? It could be. Unfortunately, you might not have cleaned your home well enough. As a result, rodents have entered your home to forage for food. They could be searching for shelter and water too. Even if the hole is just 1/4” in diameter, rodents may be able to sneak inside. Sealing these holes could prevent rodents from invading your home.

Rodents & The Dangers They Present

Unfortunately, rodents are very dangerous so you don’t want to play games with them. If you have rodents, the risk that you’re going to eat contaminated food is high. They can contaminate your food with their urine and feces. Rodents can spread a handful of dangerous diseases, including Lassa Fever, Hantavirus, Hemorrhagic Fever, and Rat-Bite Fever. These diseases could be deadly so you need to remove the rodents from your home as quickly as possible. If you have pets, you have to be cautious about rodents spreading fleas and ticks.

Finally, rodents will chew through electrical wires. At some point, this will increase the possibility of a house fire.

The Biggest Concerns With Rodent Infestations

Ultimately, rodents can present numerous concerns.

  • Their urine and feces can contaminate your food.
  • They can spread serious diseases, including salmonella and Hantavirus.
  • They’ll rapidly destroy your home and minimize its value.
  • They will chew through electrical cords and create a fire risk.

Removing Mice From A Dallas Dwelling

We believe rodents are going to be too much to handle for average Dallas residents. Most people do not want to handle these critters and we don’t blame them. As a result, we hope you’ll use our services. Our company offers comprehensive and safe rodent removal services. When you use our services, you can rest assured knowing we’ll get rid of the rodents for you rapidly. Our rodent removal services will rectify the problem while you wait.

When Can Your Rodent Extermination Begin?

Contact us and ask about scheduling an appointment. We’ll respond to your initial call in one or two days.

How Safe Is Your Rodent Treatments?

We would never think about using dangerous chemicals and products in your home. Instead, we strive to eliminate your rodents using natural products. We try to avoid conventional products, but this may not always be possible. In some cases, our clients will agree to eliminate rodents using conventional treatments. When you do, rest assured knowing we’ll protect you. Our EPA-registered products keep you safe while providing rapid results.

Preventing Mice & Rats From Taking Over Your Home

Eliminating rodents won’t be easy so you should try to keep them out of your home. If you can do that, you won’t need to worry about dealing with rodent corpses or being exposed to contaminated food. When you’re ready to begin, visit a hardware store and purchase rodent-proofing materials. You likely have gaps around your exterior walls and doorways. Using rodent-proofing materials can help you block these entry points. You’ll also need to keep your grass mowed so rodents won’t have a place to hide outside of your home. Below, you’ll find more advice for keeping rodents out of your home.

  • Block all holes, gaps, and rodent entry points.
  • Grab your trash and take it out once or twice a day.
  • Store your food in secure containers. Make sure they’re airtight.
  • Clean up messes as soon as they occur.

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