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What Scents Keeps Bed Bugs Away?

Essential Oils When Dallas residents know their homes are under a bed bug threat, they immediately get to work searching for effective deterrents. Fortunately, this is not a difficult process, as there are ample options available on the market. One such product is essential oil, which is plentiful. Essential oils like tea tree, lavender, and peppermint show some hope in keeping bed bugs at bay. Essential oils are extremely easy to utilize, just place a few drops on your bed linen, stored clothing, carpet, upholstery furniture, and other surfaces to deter bed bugs from accessing the surrounding area. Bed bug larvae produce a pheromone that deters the adult male from accessing their space. This is one unique characteristic that is not shared across the insect species. The adult female is not phased by the pheromone because the larvae are not worried about their presence. The adult male, on the other, has a tendency to mate with bed bug larvae even though they are young. The pheromone protects the bed bug throughout the larvae phase until adulthood. A study was conducted by researchers at the Department of Entomology, Rutgers University at New Brunswick, New Jersey. The study focused on the effectiveness of paraffin and silicone oils in bed bug toxicity. The study revealed the two essential oils may be effective in eradicating bed bugs without the use of chemicals. We recommend conducting your own essential oil testing to determine which scents work to deter bed bugs from accessing specific areas of your home. Place a few drops around the entrance doors and windows, as well as other potential access points. Please feel free to take advantage of our exterminators’ expert bed bug knowledge. We can help you create a prevention strategy guaranteed to keep bed bugs out of your home. We offer free in-home inspections, estimates, and consultations by appointment oil.

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