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Conventional Treatment

Conventional TreatmentAlthough conventional treatments are not suitable for everyone, some of our clients want to use pesticides to get rid of the bedbugs in their homes. We understand that everyone is different and we’re okay with this. However, we understand that some of our clients have concerns regarding conventional treatments. Rest assured knowing our licensed exterminators will do everything they can to keep you safe. Furthermore, we rely on a recent study conducted at Purdue University to build a high-quality conventional treatment plan.

The study conducted at Purdue found that it was possible to eliminate entire bedbug infestations using pesticides as long as the exterminators visited the client’s home twice. The home should be treated during the first visit and again during the second visit. Considerable time must be left between the two visits to give baby bedbugs time to break free of their eggs. Our company follows the steps below.

  • We visit the client’s home at least three times.
  • During the first two visits, we use pesticides to eliminate bedbugs.
  • During the last visit, we carefully check the home for bedbugs. If we find bedbugs still living in the home, we’ll treat your dwelling again.
  • We will wait 10 to 14 days between visits to ensure that the eggs have hatched.

Our exterminators know how to use chemical treatments safely so they can protect our clients and their loved ones. We would never use pesticides unless you give us the okay to do so. We use EPA-registered products tested and proven to eliminate bedbugs.

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