What Scents Keeps Bed Bugs Away?

When Dallas residents know their homes are under a bed bug threat, they immediately get to work searching for effective deterrents. Fortunately, this is not a difficult process, as there are ample options available on the market. One such product is essential oil, which is plentiful. Essential oils like tea tree, lavender, and peppermint show … Read more

Top Places Bed Bugs Hide

Some household pests don’t care if you can see them. They’re not worried about it. Bedbugs are different because they’re intelligent. They’ll do their best to hide from humans until they lay down and go to sleep at night. Bedbugs can hide throughout your home, and you likely won’t see them until the infestation has … Read more

Tips To Avoid Bed Bugs While Traveling

When traveling abroad, you want to have a great time and forget about your responsibilities at home. However, you cannot ignore the potential risk of returning with bedbugs in your luggage and on your clothes. Instead, you’ll want to remember the SLEEP acronym so you can avoid allowing bedbugs to invade your home after a … Read more

How To Make Bed Bugs Come Out Of Hiding?

Bed bugs are not nocturnal insects, but they do exhibit nocturnal behavior. Instead of being active during the daylight hours, the insects feed when their hosts are asleep at night. With this said, the bed bug can adjust to the host’s schedule. For example, a host who works the graveyard shift sleeps during the day, … Read more

How Does Your Exterminator Check For Bed Bugs?

Have you ever wondered how your local exterminator inspects for bed bugs? If so, you may be surprised by the answer. Every exterminator has a unique in-home inspection process. However, most of them utilize visual inspections utilizing flashlights and magnifying glasses whenever necessary. During a pest inspection, the exterminator is looking for signs of an … Read more

Best Mattress Covers For Stopping Bed Bugs

To defend your dwelling from bedbugs, you should do everything in your power. When they sneak inside, you cannot delay rectifying the issue. Although it isn’t a definite solution, using a bedbug mattress cover can help. Mattress Covers For Bedbugs When bedbugs enter a residential dwelling, they’ll search for the bedbug and take shelter in … Read more

Exploring Bed Bug Exterminator Cost And Detecting Infestations

Did you wake up this morning, with itchy welts on your skin? If so, you are probably wondering what is the underlying factor behind the welts. Well, they could possibly be all allergic reaction to bug bits. Bedbugs are highly known for feasting on human blood. They utilize their feeding tube to suck blood out … Read more