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The Dallas World Aquarium

Located in downtown Dallas, Texas is a for-profit aquarium and zoo that aids a conservation and education institution that houses many animals that are threatened or endangered. The Dallas World Aquarium is part of a cooperative breeding program with other zoos all around the world. It has been an accredited member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums ever since 1997 and also a member of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

The old warehouse located at 1801 North Griffin Street became the original site of the Dallas World Aquarium that was opened to the public in October 1992. It was built in 1924 and has been occupied as an empty warehouse until 1982. During those times it was only used by many industries such as the Mohawk Rubber Company and Pioneer Steel Rule and Die.

The adjacent building at 1815 North Griffin was purchased in 1996 and there they build warehouse storage for rubber goods and became a Venetian blind company in the early 50s. LAstky prior to the expansion of the aquarium a restaurant/bar called “Tejano Rodeo”. The first building which was the interior has been demolished and left only the brick walls and support structure. The alley between the two buildings has become the channel between the saltwater and freshwater ecosystems.


The upper level of the aquarium has an artificial replication of the Orinoco Rainforest. The rainforest has an aviary where birds like toucans and scarlet ibis fly freely. As they fly through the rainforest visitors can see the only public display of the three- toes sloths and Antillean manatees existing in the United States. Animals such as electric eels, tamarins, poison dart frogs, caecilians, Orinoco crocodiles, and vampire bats. Bed Bug Exterminator Dallas

While the lower level is housing different species of fish, coral anemones, jellyfish, and other sea animals from all over the world. The 10 main tanks is featuring the aquatic life of Japan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, British Columbia, Fiji, Palau, Southern Australia, and the Bahamas. Other display tanks also include a large tank with a 40-foot tunnel where the visitors are given the chance to observe the fishes of the continental shelf swimming that swims around them.


The Aquarium has been a part of the joint that initiates between local companies and corporations as well as the Dallas Public School districts. Many of its employees are full-time students at the School of Business and Management at Yvonne A. Ewell Townview Magnet High School.


Address: 1801 N Griffin St, Dallas, TX


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