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Reunion Tower

Located at 300 Reunion Boulevard in downtown Dallas, Texas is an observation area from the 561 feet of Reunion Tower. The tower is part of the Hyatt Regency Hotel complex is the city’s 15th tallest building. Its free-standing structure until it constructed the additional Hyatt Regency Dallas in 1998.

Reunion Towe is also known as the “The Ball” was completed in 1978 February along with Hyatt Regency Dallas at Reunion District. As part of the urban redevelopment project of the historic Union Station, that serves the Amtrak, Dallas Area Rapid Transit, Trinity Railway Express to the Dallas/ Fort Worth International Airport in today’s time.

The tower contains three floors with circular floor plans on top of four shafts of poured-in-place concrete. A central cylindrical shaft houses both stairs and mechanical equipment. Three rectangular shafts, featuring elevators, rise parallel to the central shaft. Each shaft’s outfacing wall is made up of glass panels, providing tourists views of the city during the 68-second elevator ride to the top. Before renovations in 2008, the first level housed the observation deck, the second a revolving restaurant called Antares, and the third level a club called The Dome.

Things To Do


From the 470 feet, you will experience a breathtaking 360-degree panoramic view and an indoor and outdoor observation deck that lets everyone have picturesque Instagram posts for miles at any angle as well as a free digital photo.

For Families

Tons of activities are available especially for families to do in Reunion Tower. Explore the iconic Reunion Tower as well the Dallas skyline in a very entertaining way with their 360 Degree Video Experience. Bed Bug Exterminator Dallas

For Adults

Take a day off and ask your loved ones and take advantage of their Love is In the Air package for a very memorable evening date.

Special Activities

At Reunion Tower, they like hosting fun and special activities that is perfect for the specific time of the year like Painting with A View or the Sunrise Yoga.


Celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck opened the fine-dining, revolving restaurant, Five Sixty, on the tower’s rotating top level on February 11, 2009. The name is a reference to the restaurant’s elevation. The middle floor of the tower is used for special events managed by Wolfgang Puck Catering, which is based at nearby Union Station.

The Cloud 9 is accessible from the observation deck, serving a 360-degree view from behind glass while the floor slowly spins.

The gift shop, Kaleidoscope, at the tower’s base features souvenirs related to Reunion Tower, Dallas, and Texas and other novelty items.


Address: 300 Reunion Blvd E, Dallas, TX


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