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How Does Your Exterminator Check For Bed Bugs?

Have you ever wondered how your local exterminator inspects for bed bugs? If so, you may be surprised by the answer. Every exterminator has a unique in-home inspection process. However, most of them utilize visual inspections utilizing flashlights and magnifying glasses whenever necessary. During a pest inspection, the exterminator is looking for signs of an infestation. In this case, they are looking for dark spots – fecal matter, exoskeletons, and dried blood – on bed linen, mattresses, box springs, and other signs like live insects. Unfortunately, detecting live bed bugs is extremely difficult if not impossible because they exhibit nocturnal behavior. While not a nocturnal insect, the bed bug feeds at night when its host is asleep to avoid detection. We also utilize bed bug-sniffing canines whenever possible. The animals have been trained to detect odors associated with the pheromones generated by bed bug larvae. A large bed bug infestation also generates a foul odor that is described as “musty” and “sweet.” We never turn down a bed bug challenge. We will tackle bed bug infestations of all severity levels. And, when a Dallas resident calls on us for assistance, we will get it our all. During each inspection, we carefully assess the host’s bed, bed linen, bed frame, and other areas of the bedroom.

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